How to Keep High Heels From Slipping on Floors

By Constance Barker

High heels elongate the leg and provide sophistication to dresses or slacks. Most high heels have bottom soles that can slide and slip on floors, especially tile or hardwood. Some women have difficulty balancing in high heels, let alone dealing with the slippery soles. Roughing up the soles, or applying a non-slip pad to the shoe helps prevent high heels from slipping on floors.


Non-Slip Pads


Step 1

Wipe the bottom of the high heeled shoes with a rag, removing all dirt and grime. Wet the rag if necessary to remove crusty dirt from the shoe. Dry the bottom of the shoe with a clean rag.


Step 2

Tear off the adhesive backing from the non-slip shoe pad.


Step 3

Press the adhesive side of the pad to the underside of the shoe sole. Push the pad completely against the sole, squeezing out any air bubbles. Repeat with the other shoe.



Step 4

Hold the high heel shoe with the bottom facing up.


Step 5

Rub a fine grit sandpaper gently over the sole of the shoe. Rub the sandpaper over the entire sole area of the shoe to rough up the surface.


Step 6

Wipe residue from the bottom of the shoe with a rag. Place the shoe on your foot and test it for slippage on a slick floor. If it still slides, remove the shoe and sand it until it no longer slips when walking across the floor. Repeat with the opposite shoe.