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Don't spend your summer in pants made from fabrics that trap heat and leave you a sticky mess. Look for natural, lightweight and breathable materials, because most artificial fabrics can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Natural fibers with just a hint of polyester or elastane, however, keep their shape and remain comfortable even on the hottest days.

Cool Fabrics

Cotton pants are light and breezy, making them ideal for hot weather. Pull on a pair made of madras fabric, a loosely woven material that usually comes in a checked pattern. Light-as-air linen is another hot weather classic, although it wrinkles easily, while puckered seersucker pants offer "lightweight breathability," according to "Lucky" magazine. Silk is also cool and comfortable, much like durable hemp and ramie, which are made from plant fibers.

Colors, Cuts and Keeping Cool

Whatever material you choose to wear on the lower half, make sure it's not a dark color. Black and navy garments soak up the heat and make you feel hotter. Loose pants allow air to circulate, so choose them over tight versions, and wear shorts instead of long pants if the occasion calls for casual attire. Find a wide-brimmed hat that matches your pants for a hip ensemble that shields your neck and face, and finish your look with a stylish water bottle so you stay hydrated.