How Do I Microwave a Tie Dye Shirt?

By Kimberly DeCosta

A few decades ago when tie dye was all the rage, everyone created their own fashions by mixing colors and patterns. The only downside was the waiting that followed while the tie dye dried -- a process that felt long when someone was anxious to wear her new, colorful garment. Today, tie dye is making a comeback and with a simple microwave, you can speed up the drying process exponentially.

Create your own colorful wardrobe quickly and easily.

Step 1

Wrap your tie-dyed garment in plastic or cover it so moisture and steam doesn't escape.

Step 2

Place your garment in the microwave.

Step 3

Heat the garment in the microwave for 1 to 3 minutes on the "high" setting. Check the garment periodically to ensure that it doesn't burn in the microwave. You just want to heat the garment thoroughly and not scorch or dry it. For nylon items, heat for only 15 to 30 seconds at a time.

Step 4

Remove your garment from the microwave. Let it cool at room temperature before handling and washing it.