Eyelash glue is used to bond artificial lashes to eyelids. It is an effective adhesive for its intended purpose, but the glue can be difficult to manage when handling cosmetics as fragile and small as fake eyelashes. This often results in excess eyelash glue being spilled, sometimes onto clothes. There are more simple solutions to removing the glue than laundering your clothes completely. Specific household products can serve as a quick alternative to washing a piece of clothing whenever it has been stained with eyelash glue.

Purchase a multipurpose stain remover that dissolves glues and adhesives from your local home-improvement center or hardware store. Popular brands such as Un-Du, Goo Gone, and Goof Off are solvents that safely eliminate glue from clothing and fabrics, among other surfaces.

Spray or pour a small amount of the product onto the affected area of your clothing. Some brands may require you to apply it to a cleaning cloth or rag first to prevent any damage to the material.

Allow the cleaning solution to set for the instructed length of time, while it softens the glue. Then use a soft cleaning cloth to gently scrub the area until the glue comes loose.

Heat a small amount of white vinegar over a stove and pour it into a plastic spray bottle as an alternative to a store-bought product. While the chemical stain removers may cause damage to finer materials such as silk, leather and suede, this home remedy is safe to use on all fabrics.

Spray the dried glue and allow the vinegar to soak for at least 30 minutes before wiping off the glue. This method is effective, but obviously requires more time to prepare and use.