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As a delicate fabric, satin stains easily, and satin shoes can quickly become damaged from wear if they're not treated. Take special care of satin shoes to ensure they stay looking like new. Add a protective layer to your shoes to minimize damage and to keep dust and dirt at bay. While you can protect satin, there is no way to waterproof it, so definitely do not wear satin shoes in wet weather.


Hairspray forms a protective layer on satin, helping to fend off dirt. Before wearing the shoes, spray them with several coats of hairspray, allowing it to dry between applications. First spray in a small, inconspicuous area of the shoe to make sure the hairspray does not cause discoloration. Hold the spray at least 6 inches away from the shoe, and spray lightly. Spraying too close may cause spotting.

Waterproof Sprays

Using waterproof fabric spray on satin creates a protective layer and keep stains from seeping into the fabric. Even though the spray is for waterproofing, there is no way to completely waterproof satin. Apply a layer of waterproofing spray before you wear the shoes. Let it and spray two more coats for added protection. Reapply every few weeks if you wear the shoes frequently.

Stain and Water Repellent

Apply a spray that is both stain and water repellent. This type of spray is often suggested for use on upholstery and provides long-term protection. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when you apply it to satin shoes. This type of spray will protect shoes from light stains and deter dust and dirt, but it will not waterproof satin shoes.

Keeping Shoes Clean

Keep your satin shoes clean in between wears. Use a dry cloth or nylon stocking to gently wipe dust and dirt off the shoes. Be careful not to rub the dirt into the fabric. If the shoes are soiled, use a damp cloth to blot out stains, and dry the shoes immediately with a dry towel or hair dryer to prevent water stains from forming on the fabric.