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Korean black raspberry wine is known as bok bun ja. "Bok" means overturn, "bun" means urinal and "ja" means fruit. Roughly translated, the name means "the fruit that can overturn a urinal." The unusual name comes from a Korean legend. An old monk lost his way in the mountains. He found some berries growing on a bush and ate all of them. The black raspberries helped the monk to find his way home. When he relieved himself, his urine stream was so strong that it broke the urinal.

Refrigerate bok bun ja until it reaches roughly 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Bok bun ja is traditionally served cold.

Serve bok bun ja by itself or on ice as an aperitif. Or, mix it with equal parts soju or any alcoholic or other beverage that traditionally goes well with dark fruit flavor. A splash or two of soda helps to bring out the bok bun ja's rich flavor.

Serve bok bun ja with a meal. The chilled drink goes well with vegetarian and seafood Vietnamese, Thai or Korean meals.

Serve bok bun ja as a dessert wine. It goes quite well with chocolate or any other sweet or dessert that will complement the dark berry, pine, floral and honey flavors in the wine.