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Wines made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes tend to be rich and bold. The red wine that is produced is one of the more common and popular, with wineries found around the world. Cabernet is most often served with main entrees, such as meat and pasta dishes, but the full-bodied flavor with fruit tones is also suitable for a variety of rich desserts. Delicate or intensely sweet desserts are often overpowered by Cabernet, so choose desserts strong enough to enhance and complement the deep flavor of the wine.


Chocolate is a natural pairing for red wine, and your dessert can be as simple as offering a tray of chocolate truffles with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Dark chocolate stands up well to the rich wine. A fondue made with dark chocolate offers variety for diners. Serve it with strawberries, pieces of chocolate pound cake and a Cabernet noted for its fruit tones. For an elegant dessert, serve a souffle made with bittersweet chocolate topped with shavings of a good-quality dark chocolate bar.


Dark and intense fruits pair well with red wine. Create desserts based around dark berries, such as blackberries, or dried cherries. Top chocolate mousse with marionberry syrup and slivered almonds, and serve with Cabernet for a complex dessert. For something simple, dip strawberries in dark chocolate or just offer a bowl of really ripe raspberries.. A sweet black cherry tart nestled in a rich pastry crust complements Cabernet.

Baked Goods

Richness is the key for baked goods if you serve them with red wine. An intense chocolate torte made without flour makes a decadent dessert served with Cabernet. A simple chocolate cake finished with a pomegranate glazer is not quite as rich as a torte but the chocolate and fruit complement red wine very well. An elaborate chocolate cake with mousse filling and a ganache topping stands up to a full-bodied Cabernet. To casually end a meal, serve Cabernet with red velvet cupcakes or cupcakes studded with currants.


When you don't want something sweet for dessert but you need an elegant way to end a meal, a cheese tray is an ideal choice. Offer several varieties of artisan cheese along with nuts and a bowl of pomegranate seeds. The dark intense flavor of the fruit and the saltiness of the nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts, complement red wine. Serve Gouda, mild creamy cheeses and aged Irish cheeses on your tray and let your personal preferences be your guide for stronger cheeses, such as Brie.