The complementary flavors of rum and coffee blend together to create a variety of beverages, ranging from warm and soothing to cool and creamy. Whatever the season, there is a rum and coffee concoction for it.

Spiced Rum Coffee

On a brisk autumn day or snowy winter’s eve, a warm, Spiced Rum Coffee cuts through the chill. This drink combines cloves, orange rind, sugar, dark rum and freshly brewed coffee. Whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg on top adds some sweetness to this beverage.

Koffie Van Brunt

The Dutch rum and coffee drink, Koffie Van Brunt, translates to “street coffee.” Dark rum, Cherry Heering liqueur, brown sugar and freshly brewed coffee blend together to create this toasty drink. Whipped cream, grated orange peel and a dash of nutmeg provide a tasty topping.

Bacardi O’ Coffee

Another warm drink is the Irish-inspired Bacardi O’ Coffee. This coffee concoction uses the popular brand of Bacardi rum (although other rum brands can be substituted). The rum blends with freshly brewed coffee, a splash of Irish Cream and a splash of green Creme de Menthe. Drinkers serve it in an Irish coffee mug with whipped cream on top.

The Barrier Breaker

Rum and coffee also come together to create cold cocktails, such as the Barrier Breaker. This drink blends freshly brewed coffee, dark rum, brown Creme de Cacoa and Galliano. Serve in an Irish coffee mug over crushed ice.

The Black Maria

Another rum and coffee cocktail is the Black Maria. Ingredients include light rum, coffee, coffee brandy and powdered sugar, all served in a brandy snifter with cracked ice.

Colada Coffee

Colada Coffee gives a twist to the traditional rum drink, the pina colada. The coffee version combines white rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur, coconut cream, pineapple juice and crushed ice. Serve in a pina colada glass with a slice of pineapple and a cherry as garnish.

Cappuccino Rum Shake

For a sweet and creamy treat, try a Cappuccino Rum Shake. This rich drink blends coffee ice cream with dark rum. Cocoa powder, cinnamon and whipped cream provide the perfect garnish.

The Inspiration Shooter

The Inspiration shooter is a small yet potent coffee and rum combination. Pour chilled, white rum into a shot glass, and then float hot coffee on top. Cover with a dash of whipped cream.