Viennese coffee with cream
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Floater coffee, also know as Irish coffee, is a drink consisting of coffee, whiskey and sugar, topped off with floating whipping cream. It was first conceived in 1943 at the old flying boat base at Foynes, County Claire, outside Dublin. Since then, it has become a drink enjoyed all over the world on cold winter evenings. It is called floater coffee because the cream floats on top of the coffee. The drink has many variations, but the original Joe Sheridan recipe is still considered the classic.

Place the glass in the microwave on high for 35 seconds. A warm glass helps maintain the temperature of the hot drink.

Pour in 1 measure of Irish whiskey and 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar.

Fill the glass with hot black coffee, so there is still 1 inch of space left on the top. Gently stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved.

Hold a spoon, round-side up, over the top of the liquid in the glass. Pour cold whipping cream over top of the spoon. This will allow the cream to rise to float on the top.


Hot coffee and cold cream help make this a success.


The sugar contributes to making the cream float. It may mix into the drink if you leave it out. Do not stir the drink or you'll destroy the floating effect.