How to Roller-Set a Hair Bob

By LeafTV Editor

If you have a bob-style haircut, which is a short style usually ending around the jaw line, roller-setting your hair can give it volume and a sleek look without the daily subjection to hot hairstyling tools. You will need a hooded dryer to complete the look.

Hair rollers on white background
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How To Roller Set A Hair Bob


Shampoo and condition the hair to prepare it for being set in rollers. Add a small amount of setting lotion to your hair, working it in from the roots down to the tips.

Brush out your hair with a wide-toothed comb, making sure to smooth out any tangles. Part your hair with a rat-tail comb from the front of the scalp, down to the neck. Create a section of hair that has the same width as the roller. Comb the hair up and then forward to prepare it for rollers.

Start rolling the hair, starting at the tips of the hair and moving the roller towards the scalp. Make sure each section of hair is smooth as it rolls. Clip each open end of the roller to the scalp to keep it secure.

Dry the hair under a hooded dryer for at least 45 minutes to one hour on a medium-high heat setting. Wait for the hair to dry before leaving the hair dryer. Since the hair is bob-length, it will most likely be dry within 45 minutes.

Allow the hair to cool down. Remove the rollers and smooth down the bob with a paddle brush.