How to Rock a Bald Head Like Damon Wayans

By LeafTV Editor

Whether you shave your head on purpose or you're "follicly-challenged," you too can rock a bald head like Damon Wayans. The outrageous comedian has managed to pull off what few others can: look so good bald that people can't imagine you with hair. It's no wonder BaldRUs has inducted Damon Wayans into their Bald Hall of Fame. You can get no-hair flair like Damon Wayans with the right tools.

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How To Rock A Bald Head Like Damon Wayans


Own the look. To "own" your bald head means that you project a certain confidence that sends people the message, "There's no way I'd rather look."

Protect your dome. Use a sunblock such as Bald Head Cue Shield, the first sunblock specifically created for bald people. With an SPF of 55, it's specially formulated to protect your head from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Shine that scalp. Use a product such as Bald Head Shine oil spray, which contains vitamins A and E and Aloe Vera extract. It softens skin, makes your scalp shine and soothes irritation.

Keep things even. Part of the allure of Damon's bald head is that it's smooth and uniform. You can't rock a bald head like Damon Wayans if you're still clinging to a comb-over.

Get creative with hats. Wayans has been known to wear baseball caps, fedoras, tuques and even bowler hats.

Unite with other bald men. Damon counts NBA star, Michael Jordan amongst his close friends.

Set people straight. As with any look, a bald head comes with preconceived notions and stereotypes about the person underneath it. Just because Damon Wayans is tall, black and bald doesn't mean he plays basketball like his friend, Michael Jordan.