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Many people have a hard time figuring out how to soften pubic hair. It's not the sort of topic people ever discuss openly. However, the need to soften pubic hair occurs in many people. Hair requires natural oil to remain healthy. If your body is not producing enough oil, your skin becomes itchy and your hair becomes dry. Dry patches of hair, such as head or pubic hair, irritate the sensitive skin and can cause constant itching, especially after being shaved. The best way to cure the itching, soften the hair and hydrate the skin is to moisturize the area.

Soften Pubic Hair for Comfort

Stop before getting out of the shower after you have performed your usual cleansing regimen. Splash a little warm water over your pubic hair to make sure the area is wet.

Drop a large dollop of gentle conditioner on the palm of your hand. Spread the conditioner over your palms and work it into your pubic hair. Scrub the conditioner into the hair and skin very well. Make sure the conditioner coats every inch of pubic hair. Let the conditioner soak in for 60 seconds.

Use cool water to rinse the conditioner from your pubic hair. Rinse the area well and pat dry with a thick towel. Let the pubic hair air-dry.

Soften Pubic Hair for Shaving

Take a long, warm shower or bath to soak your pubic hair and soften it up. The hair and skin in the pubic area need to be soaked or sprayed with warm water for at least five minutes.

Drop a large dollop of gentle conditioner on your palm and spread it over the pubic area, covering the hair and skin well.

Leave the conditioner on your pubic area and shave off the hair. Once you finish shaving, rinse the cut hair and conditioner from your pubic area. Pat the area dry with a thick towel.