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The Afro hairstyle is back in vogue, with more athletes, actors and musicians rocking Afros these days. An Afro hairstyle requires extra handling to keep tangles minimized and maintain your hair's moisture. To keep an Afro standing up and round you need a good hair pick with wide teeth. Do not use tight-toothed combs as they can damage your hair.

Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly. Do not use conditioner after washing your hair.

Apply a light hair control product all over your hair, working down to the scalp. Use the most natural and light product you can, such as natural pomades or oils.

One section at a time, apply the pick to the ends of your hair, using a picking motion that moves straight out and up.

Work in towards the base of the scalp as you work out tangles.

Maintain a rounded shape by patting down any sections of hair that stand out.


Plastic picks tend to be gentler on your hair than metal ones.

To maintain your Afro's shape, get regular trims.

Wear a satin sleeping cap or sleep on satin pillowcases. Cotton pillow cases will rob your hair of moisture.


Use hair picks or wide-tooth combs. Combs with close teeth are hard on your hair and can pull it out.

Use the lightest-weight hair products you can find. Heavier hair products will weigh your hair down, making it harder for you to keep your Afro standing up.