By Zoe London

Taking care of an Afro requires gentle handling to keep tangles to a minimum and to maintain well-moisturized hair. Using the right styling tools is a must, so tiny combs are out, but picks and wide-toothed combs are in. Getting a good haircut from a barber will give you that rounded shape that makes your hair an Afro and after that, daily picking will keep your hair looking great.

Using a pick is pretty easy.

Step 1

Begin with dry hair. After sleeping on an Afro all night, you may have some sections of hair that are pressed down.

Step 2

Apply your hair products all over your hair, working down to the scalp. This can be oils or pomades. The more natural and light the product, the better for your hair.

Step 3

Pick out one section at a time. Begin at the ends of your hair and pick your hair straight out and up.

Step 4

Work your way closer to the scalp as you work out tangles.

Step 5

Pat down any sections of hair that are sticking out to maintain that rounded shape.