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Dreadlocks are a low-maintenance, all-occasion hairstyle, but you might have outgrown the look or simply want to try something new. Untwisting dreadlocks takes time and diligence, which is why many people prefer to remove the dreadlocks by cutting them off. If you want to keep your hair but ditch the dreadlock style, you can untwist them on your own with the help of a few styling tools.

Secure all but one dreadlock using a ponytail holder. This will keep the rest of your hair out of the way since you'll be untwisting the dreadlocks one at a time.

Grab a single dreadlock and hold it between your thumb and index finger. Then, using the hand you write with, grab an embossing stylus. The stylus is better to use than a comb because it will allow you to work with very small sections of the individual dreadlock at a time.

Start at the tip, not the root, of the dread lock and use the stylus to carefully pick it apart. You won't literally untwist the dread; instead, you'll pick apart the twisted hair until you reach the roots.

Wash your hair when you've "untwisted" all of your dreadlocks since the loose strands of hair might be matted or dry.


Depending on your hair texture, wetting the hair beforehand might help make your strands more pliable and easier to pick apart. Keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby so that you can wet each dread as you go.