Aloe vera green gel transparent bottle
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Relaxed hair often needs special treatment due to its fragile condition. Products especially formulated for relaxed hair can be expensive, but there is no need to spend a lot of money to keep your relaxed hair looking great. Aloe vera gel, long used for its myriad skin benefits, is an all-natural, gentle product women with relaxed hair turn to for styling and treatment purposes.

Massage a generous amount of aloe vera gel into scalp every night before bed. Aloe vera is especially beneficial and soothing to dry, flakey, sensitive scalps.

Add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel to your shampoo and conditioner to boost the moisture quotient of the products.

Rub a dime-sized amount of aloe vera gel between your palms and smooth over hair after styling to add shine without the use of silicones.

Apply a drop of aloe vera gel to dry ends. This will moisturize and seal the ends, preventing damage that fragile, relaxed hair is prone to.

Make a deep conditioning treatment using equal parts olive oil and aloe vera gel. Apply to hair, comb through with wide-tooth comb, and let sit for up to 30 minutes before washing out.

Mix equal parts aloe vera and glycerin to make an after shampoo leave-in product that will not weigh your hair down or leave it greasy.


  • Choose aloe vera products that are alcohol-free. Alcohol dries-out hair, especially relaxed hair.