How to Repair My Bottled Water Cooler

By Bryan Cowing

As with any electrical item, a water cooler is subject to occasional problems. These problems can cause frustration, especially when the user expects to pour a cold glass of water, but can not. If a water cooler is not functioning properly, it can cost time and money. The best way to repair a broken water cooler is to troubleshoot the problem and then repair it. Most water coolers are relatively simple to troubleshoot and repair.

Water coolers can be easy to fix with the right information.

Fixing the Wires

Step 1

Check the wires that run from the wall to the cooling unit.

Step 2

Unplug the main power cord.

Step 3

Repair any cuts or frayed areas with black electrical tape.

Step 4

Replace the cord completely if it is cut more than half way through.

Step 5

Tighten any loose cords by pressing them into the unit.

Internal Components

Step 6

Unplug the unit from any power supply.

Step 7

Open the main panel on the water cooler with either a flat head or Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 8

Check for any disconnected or frayed wires.

Step 9

Pay special attention to the compressor unit inside the cooler.

Step 10

Replace any wires that appear to be burned or blackened.

Step 11

Replace any motorized parts of the compressor that appear to be malfunctioning.

The Bottle

Step 12

Check the actual plastic bottle for any cracks, leaks or dents. Even if you can't see the crack, there may still be a leak, so it's a good idea to spend some time feeling the bottle for any wet spots.

Step 13

Replace the bottle if there are any cracks or dents. Usually the company that supplies your bottle will replace a broken one for free.

Step 14

Check and tighten the seal between the bottle and the unit.