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A damaged power cord is a common complaint among customers of Farouk's CHI flat irons. Although Farouk manufactures quality products, it does not offer a repair service or sell replacement parts. Fortunately, you might be able to get a free replacement if your warranty is still in effect. Alternatively, you can go to an unaffiliated business for repair or replacement services. Be warned that these businesses are not affiliated with Farouk.

Find the breaker box for your residence and then use it to turn off the electrical outlet that is powering the CHI flat iron. Only disconnect the flat iron after it is no longer receiving electricity.

Make sure that the problem lies with the power cord. If you can smell burning materials or you can see signs of exposed wiring and damage to the external sheathe, then you don't need to look further. If you can't find any sign of damage at all with either the power cord or on the electrical outlet, check whether the cord has simply loosened from your CHI flat iron.

Send your CHI flat iron in to Farouk if you bought it from an authorized dealer, your product warranty has yet to expire and you still have the original sales receipt. This is the best possible option because you can get a replacement flat iron at no cost other than a $15 shipping and handling fee. You are covered whether the problem with your CHI flat iron lies in its power cord or in the actual device.

If your flat iron is not covered by a warranty, take it to a repair shop to get it fixed. Because flat iron repair specialists are rare, it might be simpler to send your flat iron to an online business such as SalonArt at salonart.biz. SalonArt charges $30 to fix a CHI flat iron and can do the work within five days. The time it takes for it get back to you depends on what shipping method you choose.

If you prefer to replace the cord yourself, you can purchase a replacement power cord for your CHI flat iron from businesses such as SalonMagik at salonmagik.com. Farouk does not sell parts for their flat irons, so you will have to purchase a cord from a third party.


You shouldn't try to fix the power cord by yourself unless you have experience as an electrician. Even finding the source of the problem can be daunting, and trying to fix it without either the proper tools or experience is even more challenging. Furthermore, improperly fixed electrical devices can pose a serious threat to your health if you try to use them.

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