How to Remove Hair Static

By Tabitha Harwell

The sound of small electric particles coming from your hair as you pull your hat off can only mean one thing -- static electricity. The imbalance of positive and negative charges creates static electricity. Hair static is at an all-time high during the winter months because of the cool outdoor weather combined with forced heat indoors. Prevent or contain static buildup in your hair during these months, and the other months throughout the year, by using items around your home.

Keep hair under control by reducing static electricity.

Step 1

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and silicone-based conditioner. Dry hair with an ionic ceramic blow-dryer instead of a standard blow-dryer. The ionic ceramic blow-dryer will remove the static charges from your hair while it dries the hair. Static can build up in dry, under-moisturized hair. Spritz the hair lightly with hairspray once dry.

Step 2

Brush hair with a brush that has natural bristles, such as wooden bristles or animal hair bristles. Synthetic, plastic bristles will spread static throughout the hair and add static to hair if there is a buildup of hair on the brush. Using a natural bristle will prevent static and reduce current hair static if pulled through the hair slowly.

Step 3

Tame static with any brand of dryer sheet. Dryer sheets take away the static charge during the last stages of drying clean clothes and will do the same for hair. Like the metal hanger, rub the dryer sheet over your hair to transfer the charge from your hair to the sheet. In addition, the dryer sheet will make your hair smell fresh.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of hand lotion to the palms of your hands and rub together. Smooth your hands over the top of your head to calm static. Only a small amount is needed; applying too much lotion will leave you hair weighed down and oily looking.

Step 5

Use a silicone shine-enhancing spray to calm static. Silicone will remove the static from your hair and leave your hair shiny and will not flatten any volume. Silicone shine spray is available at beauty stores and drug stores nationwide.