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360 waves is a hairstyle worn by both men and women. The style requires very curly hair that is less than one inch in length. To achieve the style, a waving grease and comb are used to smooth and set the hair into deep waves that spiral down from the crown of the head. A 360 wave texturizer kit will include both the grease, which is petroleum-based, and a stiff-bristle brush for setting the style.

Start with hair that is clean and towel-dried. Leave your hair damp, but not soaking wet.

Scoop out a quarter-sized amount of grease and emulsify it by rubbing your palms together.

Apply the grease to your hair, beginning at the crown. Smooth the grease over your entire head from crown to front, over the sides and down the back. Massage the grease into your hair to ensure it is completely saturated.

Place your stiff-bristle brush at the crown and gently brush forward to your forehead, then brush from the crown down the back of your head. For the sides, brush at an angle toward your ears.

Brush your greased hair in the designated pattern for at least one hour each day. Regular brushing sets the waves and is key to achieving the style.

Wrap your waved hair in a do-rag to protect the style. This will compress and further set the style. Wear the do-rag to bed and as much as possible.

Avoid washing your hair for one week after using the kit, as shampooing will loosen the style.