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The human eye color chart is not something you see every day; in fact, many people don't even know it exists. However, you can use it to see what colors look best on you and enhance your natural beauty. Based on the various shades and flecks in your eyes, clothing looks different on you compared to someone else. Learn how to decode the human eye color chart.

Look in a mirror and decide what the predominant color of your eyes is. Most people have multiple shades, but there is typically one that sticks out from the rest. The human eye color chart covers many different variations, but you must know the predominant shade as a starting point.

Visit the website Color-Chart.org to view the human eye color chart. There are actually two of them on the site that are used together; one uses a rainbow wheel of colors and the other uses realistic eyes.

Choose the picture that most resembles your eyes in the first chart. There are many different variations, so just pick the one that best matches your predominant shade.

Look at the number below that picture and take that number to the wheel below it. Use this wheel to select other hues that are in your eyes in the human eye color chart. Now you can use this information to choose clothing, makeup or accessories that go best with your coloring.


Although you can change your eye color with contact lenses, typically you look your most beautiful with your original shade.