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Sometimes function morphs into fashion when items once worn solely to serve a purpose become a popular way to add personality to an outfit. Such is the case with suspenders. Once an alternative to a belt when looking to keep the waist line of your pants from sagging, they now come in a wide variety of colors and patterns for pairing with several different outfits. Hot Topic is one store that carries a wide variety of suspends designed mostly for style.

Lay the suspenders out on a flat surface. Locate the back of the suspenders -- the end of the suspenders where the two straps cross held together by a small metal triangle.

Clip the two metal clips on this end of the suspenders to the back of your pants two inches out on both sides of the center belt loop by prying the clips open with your fingers and then snapping them shut on the top edge of the pants.

Put the pants on. Bring the straps for the front of the suspenders over your shoulders one at a time. Reach around behind you and grab one of the straps. Bring it straight over your shoulder, and clip it on the top edge of the front of your pants the same way you clipped the suspenders on the back. Repeat with the other strap. Clip the straps one inch out from the first belt loop on each side.

Adjust the straps of the suspenders so they fit comfortably, if necessary. You want the straps tight enough so they don't fall down, but loose enough so they don't dig into your shoulders. The suspenders adjust in the front through a little metal piece on each strap. Open the metal piece by pushing the bar across the front of the straps up toward your shoulder. Slide the metal piece down to loosen the straps or up to tighten them. Push the metal bar back down when done.


Wear suspends not only with pants, but also with skirts and shorts. Skip the belt when you wear suspenders to avoid appearing redundant. Add small pins to your suspenders to make them stand out even more.

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