How to Put Hair Wraps and Beads on Dreadlocks

By Lisa Finn

Rock stars like Lenny Kravitz and Lauryn Hill, along with actress Whoopi Goldberg, have all stepped out in dreadlocks at some point in their careers. These matted coils of hair are intentionally formed either by backcombing and using the "patience" method or visiting a salon and having an experienced loctician create the dreads. An added twist to this fun style is adorning the dreads with decorative hair wraps -- also called felting -- and beads. To ward off a hair-raising experience, enlist someone to help with these colorful additions.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
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Recording artist Snoop Dog walks the red carpet in dreads.

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Wrapping the Lock

Step 1

Measure a single dreadlock to match a piece of roving. Add 2 inches to the roving and cut. Place the end of the roving in the middle of a dreadlock and wrap around twice.

Step 2

Slide the needle though the roving and hair and then pull it back out. This embeds the roving into the hair. Continue this motion all the way around the dreadlock until the roving is secure in that spot.

Step 3

Wrap the roving downward about 2 inches at a time. Keep pushing the needle in and out of the roving as you go, making sure to rotate the lock. Wet the bottom of the roving once you reach the end. Roll the roving gently using your forefinger and thumb to fasten the end.

Step 4

Check the dreadlock to make sure the roving has completely covered the hair. Add additional roving where needed by using the same method with the needle.

Beading Your Dreads

Step 5

Measure a single dreadlock to get the thickness before purchasing any beads. Your hair thickness will determine the needed bead size so that the bead fits without being too tight or too loose.

Step 6

Shop beads that feature the hole diameter you need. Visit online stores for a variety of beads, coils and other adornments in glass, wood, copper, clay and rubber.

Step 7

Thread the bottom of the dreadlock through the bead. Push the bead up using your fingers until it stays put at the desired location. Slide more beads in place or simply use one. A properly fitted bead will lock into place due to the hair's friction, but will also slide if needed.