How to Pin Roll Jeans

By Lindsey Robinson Sanchez

For a casual style that works for men and women and looks just a little more "done" than slipping on an old pair of jeans, consider the pin roll. Pin rolling -- cuffing your jeans until they're snug at the hem and hit somewhere around your ankles -- does more than keep your pants off the ground. A tighter cuff can take your jeans from straight-leg or baggy to slim and body conscious, and a shorter length on your jeans will show off your favorite footwear.

Young man in jeans
credit: hraska/iStock/Getty Images
A pin roll can give your jeans a leaner, more tapered look.

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Step 1

Put on your jeans, making sure the legs are not creased, folded or turned up at the hem. You can pin roll while sitting or standing

Step 2

Pinch the fabric at the bottom of one leg, front and center on the hem. Pinch enough fabric so the opening of your jeans is slim around your ankle. If you make the opening too tight, you won't be able to roll up your jeans. Too loose, and you won't get the tapered look of a pin roll.

Step 3

Wrap the excess material around the leg opening so that it lies flat and even with the bottom of your jeans leg. Fold the excess material inward, toward your opposite leg.

Step 4

Roll your jeans leg up so that 1 to 2 inches of the inside of your jeans is visible. Hold the pinched material tightly and keep it flat against the hem of your jeans. Creating a snug roll will keep the excess material secure.

Step 5

Fold your jeans up two to four times for a pin roll that ends anywhere from the ankle to several inches above the ankle. Repeat for your other jeans leg.