How To Mix Vodka With Crystal Light

Crystal Light drink mixes provide you with a rainbow of choices for making tasty cocktails with vodka. Because Crystal Light is calorie-free, you can offer your guests low-calorie cocktails in place of their usual higher-calorie favorites.

Empty a packet of Crystal Light into the pitcher and add water according to directions on the package. Stir until dissolved. Experiment with making the drink mix stronger or weaker, depending on the other ingredients you add.


When only using Crystal Light and vodka, make the drink mix full strength or stronger. When adding other juices or ingredients with strong flavors, such as grenadine or mint, try making the drink mix slightly weaker.

Add vodka to the pitcher to taste. Generally, add 1.5 ounces of alcohol to 3 ounces of liquid. A good ratio is 1 part alcohol to 3 parts liquid.

Pour the drink into glasses, and add ice and garnish, if desired.

Try some of these cocktails using Crystal Light and vodka: