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Jagermeister is an alcoholic green drink from Germany that has a strong anise taste to it. The 70-proof drink is often shortened to Jager. When considering ways to drink Jager, you have a few options available depending on your personal tastes and preferences, as well as depending on the type of people with whom you are drinking.

Drink Jager directly by taking a shot of chilled Jager. One of the options available for drinking is taking it as a shot. You don't have to chill the drink, but it will help it go down smoother.

Mix the Jager with other liquors and take as a shot. Many of the drinks Jager mixes with are other liquors for taking as a shot. For example, you can mix 1/2 Jager with 1/2 Irish cream and pour it into a shot glass. The other liquors make the Jager less over powering.

Make a mixed drink and drink it. Another option beyond taking shots or shooters is the mixed drink approach. Instead of drinking it straight or mixing with other liquor, you mix it with both liquors and non-alcoholic drinks. For example, you can mix Jager with 7-up, cranberry juice and peach schnapps.