Two classic martinis

Smirnoff vodka is the top selling vodka in the U.S. Competitively priced, it has a light taste that allows other flavors to dominate cocktails and is widely available at liquor stores and bars. Mixed drinks made with Smirnoff vodka range from the simple to the sublime.

Juicy Smirnoff Drinks

The Screwdriver is one of the easiest and most refreshing Smirnoff drinks, made by adding a shot of vodka to a tall glass of orange juice and ice. Drinkers who prefer tomato rather than orange juice can create a Bloody Mary by adding the same quantity of vodka to tomato juice along with spices like salt, pepper and celery salt and flavorings such as Worcestershire and hot pepper sauce. To make a Greyhound, mix the vodka with ice and grapefruit juice. If you coat the rim of the Greyhound glass with salt, you have made a Salty Dog. Mixing vodka with cranberry juice results in a Cape Codder.

Smirnoff Martinis

A simple vodka martini contains only two ingredients: vodka and dry vermouth. The amount of vermouth added depends on how dry you want the martini; the less vermouth, the drier it is. It can be served on the rocks or made in a cocktail shaker with ice and strained into a stemmed martini glass. Pimento-stuffed green olives are the traditional garnish for a martini; substitute a cocktail onion to transform it into a Gibson. Mixing equal parts of blue Curacao, lemonade and Smirnoff vodka results in a Blue Martini, and combining the same portions of cinnamon schnapps and vodka makes a Goldfinger Martini. To convert the Goldfinger Martini into a Golden Kiss Martini, add a half shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme.

Smirnoff Vodka Classics

The Black Russian, a mixture of coffee liqueur and vodka brightened with a squeeze of fresh orange juice, makes a tasty dessert drink. To make a White Russian, add a shot of heavy cream or half-and-half. An eye-catching Cosmopolitan is a mixture of Smirnoff vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice, mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice and served in a stemmed cocktail glass. To make a Fuzzy Navel, combine vodka, peach schnapps, triple sec and orange juice.

Be Creative

Since Smirnoff vodka has such a non-dominant taste, you can mix it with almost any common cocktail ingredients and end up with a flavorful mixed drink. If you choose to use one of Smirnoff’s flavored vodkas, adjust the corresponding tastes of the other ingredients to create a balanced drink that is not overpowered by one flavor.