Set of decorative cosmetic, face powder, blush.

Your skin and its needs tend to change with the seasons, sometimes calling for a switch-up in your foundation routine. A day in the sun could leave you with more of a glow than usual, while a humid day will leave you wishing for something more matte. Finding a ready-made match in the beauty aisle, however, can be daunting -- your shade might appear slightly too dark, fair or even glittery once you've applied it at your dressing table. Mix up your own perfect, custom shade using two liquid foundations.

Select the foundation combination that will achieve your goals. To transform a foundation from matte to dewy, choose a highlighting foundation to add to a matte product. To lighten your foundation, choose a foundation with the same finish that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. To make your foundation darker, choose a second foundation one shade darker than the base.


Both foundations should complement your skin tone. Flip your wrist over and examine the veins. Blue veins mean that you are cool toned, and look best with a pink foundation. Green veins indicate a warm tone, and foundation with a yellow undertone suits it best. If they appear as blue-green, you are neutral and should select foundations that have undertones between yellow and pink.

Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any bacteria that could transfer to your face.

Pour one drop of each foundation onto the back of your hand. Use a cotton swab to mix the products together until fully blended.

Dip your fingertip or a sponge into the foundation, and pat it onto your chin. Use your fingertips if you've mixed up a matte foundation, and a sponge if you've created a dewy formula. Blend it in using an upward circular motion. If you don't care for your new shade, mix in another drop of either foundation and repeat.


For smooth blending, choose two foundations of the same brand. They can be from different ranges, such as a dewy range and a matte range, but using the same product line means both will have the same range of colors.