What Color Blush Should a Person With Pink Undertones Wear?

By Chrissy Taylor

Women who have pink undertones to their skin ideally want to find a blusher shade that gives brightness and life to the skin without making it look flushed or red. As with all makeup, what shade works best for you, personally, depends upon your own combination of skin color, skin undertone, eye color and hair color. As a general rule, women with lighter skin should use softer tones, while women with darker skin can go a bit bolder.

The best blushers complement or neutralize the wearer's natural coloring.

Peachy Colors

One of the best colors of blush for someone with pink undertones is a peachy color. Stay away from truer oranges, as they often bring out redness in the skin. Lean more toward soft, pinky peaches or lightly shimmering apricots. These colors will add a bit of brightness and life to the cheeks without exacerbating redness in the skin or overwhelmingly bringing out pink undertones. Try something similar to NARS's "Amour" blush or Clinique's "Aglow."

Neutrals or Bronzy Colors

Almond or chestnut colors also flatter those with pink undertones. These colors are neutral but give definition to the cheekbones without adding too much brightness. Golden bronzes also work well, as they help to neutralize pink in the skin and give a healthy, sun-kissed look to the wearer. Try Bobbi Brown's "Almond" blush or MAC's "Trace Gold."

Stay Away From Bright Pinks or Reds

Bright, loud pink or anything red-based is a problem for someone with pink undertones to her skin. These colors overwhelm pink-toned skin and can make the wearer look constantly flushed or burnt. They are generally considered stay-away shades. Depending on your personal coloring, you may be able to wear a neutral mauve color or a cool, blue-toned pink. However, if you're not sure, keep away from pinks and reds altogether.

Bases and Powders That Neutralize Pink Undertones

For some, pink is just the natural undertone of the skin. However, those with Rosacea, reactive redness or other skin conditions that make the skin look extra red or pink on a regular basis may benefit from neutralizing their skin tone before they apply blush. Greens and yellows neutralize red and pink in the skin, so try something like Clinique's Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15 or Smashbox's Halo Yellow Color Correcting Hydrating Powder. These products are sheer but contain pigments that counteract redness to make the skin look natural yet neutral.