Pretty in pink or red with embarrassment? Choosing the right shade of blush is especially tricky when your skin has pink undertones. The wrong shade will only emphasize those undertones, making your skin look irritated or ruddy. Play up your natural flush by sticking to the pink, peach and gold tones.

Makeup powder and brushes on white wood flat lay

Think Pink

It may sound counterintuitive, but pink blush can be the perfect complement to pinkish skin. The key is picking the right shade. Look for a very soft, pastel shade of baby pink or a sheer rose color. If your skin is medium or dark in color – or if you just prefer to be bold with your makeup – try a bright pink shade that has cool blue undertones. That subtle bluish tone should contrast the pinkness of the skin rather than highlighting it the way a coral- or red-toned blush would.

Go for the Gold

Gold and peach tones complement pink beautifully. The right shade of golden-hued blush should give your face a sun-kissed glow. Look for a salmon, rose gold or pinky peach shade. Avoid any options that are metallic or super shimmery, though. They sometimes come off a little more preteen than adult, and all the glitter and shimmer tends to draw attention to any skin imperfections.

Avoid Coral, Red and Orange

Any color that has reddish tones tends to bring out the pinkness in the skin. That tends to give you the appearance of being overheated or even sunburned. For fair skin, avoid shades like terracotta, coral or cherry. Women with medium or dark skin may have more luck with plummy or berry shades.

Finding Love at First Blush

Some people walk into the drugstore and find the perfect shade of blush on the first try. Others aren't so lucky. To avoid wasting money on a shade that makes your skin look ruddy, do some trial and error first at a beauty store. Stores like Sephora are staffed by makeup experts who can help you locate blushes that might work. Even if you don't end up buying something, it's a chance to see how different shades look on your specific coloring.

When choosing your next blush, look beyond powder formulations. Cream or gel blushes tend to look more sheer than powder, and applying them with your fingers makes it easy to control exactly where the pigment ends up. Put blush right on the apples of the cheeks for a fresh, sweet look, or sweep it either along or just under the cheekbones to highlight your bone structure. This application also tends to lengthen a round face.