how to use maxi peel

Originally produced in the Philippines, Maxi-Peel products are intended to exfoliate skin on the face and body. They perfect the look of skin, making it look younger and smoother with a healthy glow. This line of products features cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, soap and sunblocks for both the face and body. Skin is cleansed, exfoliated, smoothed and hydrated with these products. These products can be used separately or can be combined, unless otherwise specified on the packaging.

Determine the state of your skin in order to create the ideal skin regimen with Maxi-Peel products. Number 1 products are ideal if you have no acne or just mild acne from time to time, Number 2 are for moderate pimples, blackheads and whiteheads while Number 3 are for severe acne cases.

Test the Maxi-Peel product before using, especially if you have sensitive skin. Apply a bit of the product with a cotton swab and rub it either on your cheek or the inside of your arm where the skin is more sensitive. If a reaction such as redness, swelling or itching occurs, discontinue use. If nothing happens, you can continue using the product.

Wet your face with warm water and cleanse gently in circular motion using a Maxi-Peel cleanser, then rinse off with water. There are four to choose from: exfoliating scrub, facial wash, pore refining facial cleanser and classic facial cleanser. Choose one depending on desired formula — scrub, gel or cream — and on desired effect. Pat face dry with a clean towel. Follow with a cream or moisturizer to prevent skin from drying.

Apply Maxi-Peel Exfoliating Solution which comes in 3 different formulas, depending on how acne-prone your skin is. Use the exfoliating solution by squeezing some out onto a cotton swab or pad and applying to skin. Do not combine it with Maxi-Peel Exfoliating Cream. Use at night, as recommended. If using during the day, apply sunblock on top.

Choose Maxi-Peel Exfoliating Cream rather than the Maxi-Peel Solution for daytime for acne-free, smooth skin which doesn't peel or look red. Three formulas are available depending on how acne-prone your skin is. Use with Maxi-Peel Sunblock when going outside.

Scoop some Maxi-Peel Sunblock Cream from the jar using your fingers, and apply to face either on top of the Maxi-Peel Exfoliating Solution or Exfoliating Cream to protect skin from the sun. Exfoliants make skin extremely sensitive and prone to burning when in direct sunlight.

Layer on the Maxi-Peel Moisturizer instead of the sunblock if desired, to your hydrate skin.

Use the Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream as an alternative to the sunblock or moisturizer. It conceals blemishes while moisturizing skin and protecting it with SPF 20.

Wash your entire body with Maxi-Peel soap to remove acne on the back, chest and to cleanse your skin. Use normally in the shower or bath, as you would use regular soap. Choose from two formulas: original and rose essence.

Hydrate and protect skin with Maxi-Peel Exfoliating Lotion. Use it to moisturize and smooth skin on your neck and body while protecting it from harmful UV rays.


Choose the right products for your skin. For example, if you have only mild acne, do not use the severe acne formulas which may be too strong for your skin. Remember to not over-exfoliate skin by using too many products which may cause skin to get irritated. Choose a gentle cleanser from the Maxi Peel Line and follow by one or two additional products as described above.


See a doctor or stop using Maxi Peel products if a severe rash, redness or irritation develops.