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Makeup foundation is a way for a man with a balding head to conceal hair loss by blending scalp color with hair color. Foundation is a hard-packed powdered cosmetic. It is made of colorants to match hair shades and moisturizers that soothe and soften the scalp. Foundation works best for small bald areas or where hair is thinning. For men with shaved heads or larger bald areas, foundation can provide a five o’clock shadow look. Some foundation makeup is durable enough to last until the next shampooing.

Applying Foundation Makeup

Pick the foundation shade by looking at the hair root color in the balding area. If you dye your hair, match that color. For highlighted hair, match the root color.

Clean and dry your scalp. The foundation makeup will still work if your scalp is slightly damp.

Dampen the foundation applicator and rub it in circular motions in the foundation container.

On a small area of the scalp, wipe the applicator tip. Rub in the powder.

Continue rubbing the applicator tip in the foundation and applying the powder to small bald areas until the entire spot is colored evenly. Use a hand mirror to look at the back of your head. Dampen the applicator tip as necessary.

Once the area is colored, brush or comb your hair to distribute the foundation. Brush or comb every few minutes to speed up the drying process.

After the powder is completely dry, brush your hair thoroughly from roots to ends. This will lift thin hair that has been coated with the foundation and remove any excess powder.

Powder that has accumulated on your forehead can be removed with tissues. Rubbing alcohol on a paper towel will remove powder from the back of the neck or shoulders.


If your hair color is between shades, you can blend foundation colors by rubbing the applicator tip in the darker color first and then the lighter color.

A blow dryer set to low heat will speed the drying of the powder.


Hard water can prevent foundation powder from applying correctly to the scalp. If you have hard water, use distilled water to dampen the applicator and to rinse your scalp and hair after shampooing.

Foundation makeup is just a temporary solution. It will need to be applied often.

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