How to Make Your Ring Smaller Without Sizing

By Erin Dorrance

Resizing a ring at a jewelry store can be expensive and is a permanent alteration. If you have fingers that swell, enlarged knuckles or arthritis in your hands, consider ways in which you can make your rings smaller without a professional sizing alteration.

It is tricky to find rings that fit perfectly.


Step 1

Cut a 1/2-inch piece of clear, packaging tape.

Step 2

Set the piece of tape down with the sticky side facing down.

Step 3

Roll the tape into a tight tube.

Step 4

Stick the tube of tape inside the ring. Ensure the tape is flush with the inside of the ring to prevent it from showing.

Plastic Guard

Step 5

Purchase a plastic ring guard, available at jewelry and department stores.

Step 6

Open the small slit on the ring guard with your fingers.

Step 7

Slip the back-side of your ring into the ring guard. The ring guard will encompass the entire back side of the ring, inside and out.

Step 8

Move the ring guard to the right or left to center the ring guard with the back of the ring.

Liquid Guard

Step 9

Apply a coat of liquid ring guard to the inside bottom half of your ring.

Step 10

Allow the ring to dry for 24 hours.

Step 11

Try on the ring. If you have a snug fit, you are finished. If the ring is still loose, take it off and add another layer of liquid ring guard until the ring fits perfectly on your finger.