So you've found the perfect ring – but it isn't the perfect size. Wearing a too-large ring carries the very real risk that it will fly off the first time you extend your hand. And while a jeweler could fix it, shelling out the cash for that service may not be necessary. Try one of a few simple remedies designed to keep your ring in place all day.

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Dot on Hot Glue

Raid the craft closet – or call on a crafty friend – and grab a hot glue gun. That and a stick of glue is all that's necessary to give a ring a snugger fit. Follow manufacturer instructions to heat up the gun and glue, then create a dime-sized puddle of melted glue on a piece of cardboard or foil. Use a toothpick to smear some of the glue onto the inside of the band in the part of the ring that will hit the underside of the finger.

Using a toothpick gives you plenty of control over where the glue ends up, but it's also fine to skip that step and dot the glue straight from the gun onto the ring. To keep the ring upright while the glue dries, slide a pencil through the ring and balance the pencil on top of a glass so the ring is suspended in air. Peel off the glue and repeat the process if the ring still doesn't fit correctly. The glue shouldn't damage the ring; still, don't use this method on antique jewelry or on any ring you would be devastated to see damaged.

Pop on a Ring Sizer

Buy a ring sizer insert for just a few dollars, either online or from stores that sell jewelry. They come in a few different types. Spring inserts latch onto the inside of the band, effectively creating a smaller band inside the ring. Other adjusters come in the form of small plastic tubes or plastic springs that slip onto the underside of the band, both reducing the size of the band and providing some friction to keep the ring from slipping off.

Go Totally DIY

If it's just a cheap plastic ring or a piece of costume jewelry that's too large, reduce its size by wrapping a loop of string around and around one part of the band to create a kind of quick-and-easy adjuster. As a last resort, wrap a thin strip of tape around the band – but only if you're okay with the possibility of damaging the band when removing the tape.

Attach a Sizing Bar

When it's a beloved or expensive ring that's too big, it's a good idea to get a professional jeweler involved. He or she can attach a sizing bar, which is a small piece of metal that gets soldered onto the inside of the band. It's a permanent solution that doesn't require changing the size of the band the way that resizing the ring would, and it should be a less expensive option too.