How to Make My Eye Color Brighter

By Jaimie Zinski

Every woman wants her eyes to appear wider, brighter and more colorful. You can achieve this outcome by utilizing a few makeup techniques. Women of all ages, skin tones and skin textures can use these tricks. You probably already have most of the makeup and brushes required in your medicine cabinet at home right now. If not, you can purchase these for a reasonable price at your local drug store.

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Step 1

Apply mascara to you upper lashes only. Mascara on the bottom lashes will actually make your eyes look more closed off and smaller than their actual size.

Step 2

Curl your eyelashes to make your eyes appear wider.

Step 3

Place light-colored eye shadow in the inner corner of each eye. Choose white, light gray, silver or light blue.

Step 4

Apply a thin layer of flesh-colored eyeliner to your lower eyelids. Place some of the eyeliner in inner corners of your eyes as well.

Step 5

Use dark eyeliner to line the upper eyelid. Start with a thin line in the inner eyelid and widen it as you move toward the outer eyelid. Pink, yellow and white eyeliner will also make your eyes pop and appear brighter and larger. If you have an issue with red eyes, use blue eyeliner.

Step 6

Choose an eyeshadow from the opposite side of the color wheel as your eye color. For instance, a person with brown eyes should wear a cool blue or minty green shadow. Someone with blue eyes would wear brown, copper and gold tones on their eyes. For green eyes, use colors in the purple family, including violet, amethyst and lavender.

Step 7

Purchase eye-enhancing, colored contacts to make your eyes appear brighter. You can get these contacts in prescription and nonprescription varieties.