Open-weave and usually black, fishnet stockings are often worn by dancers or those aiming for a "gothic" or "emo" style of dress. Fishnet sleeves that end as fingerless gloves are a look that makes an alternative fashion statement. If you have a pair of fishnet tights on hand, make your own arm sleeves in seconds without having to pay inflated prices at a trendy boutique.

Decide how long you want the arm sleeves to be so you will know where to cut. Slip one leg of the tights over your arm to measure where you'll want to make the cut.

Cut both legs of the tights off where you'd like them to be cut. Make sure they are equal lengths. Allow a little extra for any slack when you put the sleeves on.

Place your arms back in the sleeves and your hands into the toe parts of the tights.

Cut a hole for your thumb and a larger hole for the rest of your fingers. Leave some material in between your thumb and fingers to keep the sleeves securely on your arms.