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Cookies, cutlets and a little bit of stuffing aren't the ingredients for an unusual recipe. Instead, they're your solution to creating a fuller bust. Working with what you have and enhancing those curves -- even if they're minimal -- is possible thanks to several specially designed bra stuffers that can amp up your cleavage.

Forget the tissue paper you might have stuffed in your bra in middle school. Today's bra stuffing is designed to mimic the look and feel of your breasts, giving you a fuller bust that looks natural. Silicone pads, known informally as cookies or cutlets, slip easily and discreetly into your bra.

Stuff your bra with another bra, so to speak, for a surprising way to create a fuller bust. Using this method, wear two bras, both with molded cups and padding, together. You might have to extend the straps on the outer bra so that it fits comfortably over the first bra. This simple technique using something you already have in your lingerie drawer gives you a more ample bust with the clasp of the bra.


Bras with a proper fit are a must for this technique to work. Pull out the tape measure to find out your band and cup size, or have a professional do it for you at your favorite department or lingerie store.