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Women tape their breasts for many reasons from wanting to enhance cleavage to helping with breastfeeding their children. No matter what the reason, there are techniques for taping for each.

Breast Enhancement Tape

When using tape on your breasts, it is extremely important to use medical adhesive tape. This ensures that the tape does not pull at your breasts and potentially take some skin off when you remove the tape. Use the tape like a wire in a bra. Hold the breast up and tape under it to provide support and lift. Then do the same to the other bra. Then tape across your chest. Start at the outside, under the arm of one breast and tape under both all the way to the outside of the other breast. This creates cleavage.

Breast Forms

Some women use silicone padding that can be reused every time an outfit requires them to be sans brassiere. While some of these forms are meant to stick on their own, others require taping. By using double-sided tape, line the bottom and edges of the breast form. Hold your breast up and then fit the form to it. This will hold and lift the breast.

Encourage Lactation

When a woman has a baby, there are taping techniques that can help her with lactation. A woman’s breasts get bigger and heavier when she is breast feeding, which can sometime hinder the flow of milk. Tape them using medical tape at the upper and outer corners of the nipples. The tape should run diagonally across the breast from the armpit. This taping technique draws the breasts up so that milk flow is uninhibited.