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Breasts are perhaps the most noticeable physical difference between the sexes, so any aspiring drag queen should know how to give the appearance of breasts. While this may seem nearly impossible as males typically have little breast tissue, it can be achieved on almost any body type. With the help of readily available breast enhancement supplies and makeup, even the thinnest drag queen can give the appearance of cleavage.

Put on a snug fitting bra. Do not use a bra that's too big as you need tightness to push the skin of your breasts inward, toward the center of your chest.

Insert a silicone breast enhancement pad in each cup of the bra. Follow the instructions for your particular pads to achieve the best results. For drag queens, it may be best to put the pads closer to the sides of the breasts as doing so will push what tissue there is towards the center more efficiently. Thin males with little tissue can use two sets of pads for better results.

Examine your chest to determine if you're happy with the placement of the enhancement pads. All bodies are different, so it may take several minutes of adjusting the pads to find what works best for you personal needs.

Rub a makeup brush in a bronzer that's one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Brush the bronzer in a straight line over your cleavage (the line between your breasts). Make a V-shaped pattern with the bronzer just above the top of your breasts, but do not put it on the actual breasts. The bra and enhancement pads should push your breast tissue up enough that you can easily determine where the breasts should be. Blend the bronzer upward so it fades into your natural skin tone.

Rub a clean makeup brush in a foundation that's one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Brush this makeup on the top half of your breasts. Start brushing it on at the bra line and stop brushing once you reach the bronzer.

Pat the makeup on your chest with a makeup sponge until it all blends together. There should not be a noticeable line between the two colors of makeup, but the top of the breasts should be noticeably lighter than the skin around it. The color contrast should give the illusion of natural shadows that appear on the breasts of women.