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So, you've got this gorgeous dress that you've been dying to wear, but here's the catch: you need a bra but can't wear one with this particular dress. What are your options?

Body tape with padding is one way to go. It comes in clear and skin colored tones for optimal concealment. However, a new trend in fashion called The Beautiful Lift Appendage is quickly gaining popularity. This product launched by Moonlight Innovations works as an adhesive bra. It takes just minutes to get into, and will have you fully lifted and supported, in any and all styles.

This product works best for sizes B to double D cups. It designed to improve the outer appearance of breasts that have been through typical wear and tear, such as nursing/ breastfeeding.

Steps for Application

First be sure to thoroughly cleanse and dry your breasts and the surrounding area. Remove Beautiful Lift from its wax paper covering. Hang on to the wax covering, to return the bra back when finished.

Next, trace down from the middle of your breast, the areolar region, to directly underneath the breast. Using your index finger, push into the skin, as deep ass you can without causing pain. Holding your index finger as deep as it can go, gather the loose skin together using the free fingers.

Lift the breast slightly up so you can see the lower part of the breast, where the adhesive is applied. Now apply the broader part of the adhesive about half an inch up from the canal (formed by gathering the the skin under the breast). Bring the narrow part upwards and hold. Do not stick yet.

Push your nipple inside with your index finger and once again bring the skin together, forming a canal as you did with the skin under the breast. Then bring your hand upward to allow the narrow part of the adhesive to stick.

Repeat the same process on the other side.

Run your hand along each breast and the surrounding area. Check to make sure the adhesive is smooth and secure.


  • You can achieve excellent results if you learn how to use the product correctly. Allow yourself a couple times for trial and error.

  • For C to DD sizes use the adhesive a little higher, about 1 inch up from the where the canal begins under the breast.

  • For B size, apply the adhesive 1 inch lower for best results.