How to Lift Breasts Without a Bra in Revealing Clothing

By LeafTV Editor

You have a drop dead gorgeous dress and you know you would look mind-blowing into it but for one tiny detail: you would not be able to wear a bra with this wonderful dress, and without the bra your breasts would not look as flattering as you would have liked them to be. What do you do? There are many options such as body tape with body pads which come in skin and clear colors for the perfect match. However, the latest in the arsenal is the beautiful lift appendage which is an adhesive bra. This is a product launched by Moonlight Innovations and it is marketed by the name of Beautiful Lift. This is basically a use and throw stick-on bra which can lift your breasts in minutes to make you fit in any revealing dress.

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How To Lift Breasts Without A Bra In Revealing Clothing


Educate yourself about this product, which is meant for those times when you want nothing to interfere between a beautiful dress and your perfect body. This appendage works best for sizes B to double D cups. It designed to improve the looks of the breast that suffers from loose or sagging skin for various reasons, such as nursing, weight loss, age and so on.

Make sure your breasts clean and completely dry. Beautiful lift comes enclosed in wax paper. Preserve the paper as you will need to store the product on it after use to retain adhesiveness.

Push inside with your index finger under the areola as far as you can. The more you push inside, the better the results. Holding your index finger as deep as it can go, gather the loose skin together using the free fingers. Gather all the skin together in this way, and the rest of the skin will be taut.

Lift the breast slightly up so you can see the lower part of the breast, where the adhesive is applied. Now apply the broader part of the adhesive about half an inch up from the canal (formed by gathering the the skin under the breast). Bring the narrow part upwards and hold. Do not stick yet.

Push your nipple inside with your index finger and once again bring the skin together, forming a canal as you did with the skin under the breast. When you finish this, your nipple should be inside. Then bring your hand upward to allow the narrow part of the adhesive to stick.

Run your hand over the breast to smooth the adhesive on and admire your new excellent shape. You are now ready to wear anything you want and look amazing.


  • You can achieve excellent results if you learn how to use the product correctly. Allow yourself a couple times for trial and error.

  • For C to DD sizes use the adhesive a little higher, about 1 inch up from the where the canal begins under the breast.

  • For B size, apply the adhesive 1 inch lower for best results.