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Wearing an adhesive bra is a great alternative to going braless if the dress you're wearing is backless or has a low neckline. However, remember that adhesive bras are not meant to be worn as an everyday bra, since wearing them too often can cause breast tenderness.


Clean your skin and dry thoroughly. Do not use any lotions or perfumes on the skin to which the bra will adhere; this compromises the adhesive's integrity. Do not use the bra on damaged or broken skin, including skin with cuts, sunburn or rashes because this will aggravate the condition. If you have any persistent skin conditions on your breasts, check with your doctor before using the bra.

Applying the Adhesive Bra

Flip the bra cup inside out and center the top of the inverted cup with the center of your breast. Smooth the cup out over your breast until the adhesive sits flush against your skin. Repeat the process on the other side, ensuring that the two cups are level with one another.

Removing the Bra

Use the pads of your fingers to remove the bra, as sharp fingernails can puncture the silicone. Pull the bra away slowly from your skin, beginning at the top and peeling your way down. Do not yank the bra away from delicate skin. If it gets stuck, peel the bra from the opposite direction until the cup lifts away. Use a tissue to remove any residual adhesive on your body. Always remove your bra before going to bed and do not share your adhesive bras with anyone. Wash the bra with lukewarm water and mild soap after each use and allow it to air dry before wearing it again.


Although some women worry about the safety of keeping silicone next to their skin, there is really no danger in wearing an adhesive bra. Danger is present only when silicone is inside your body. However, some women experience allergic reactions to the adhesive on these bras. If you experience allergic syntoms, remove the bra and seek the assistance of an allergist. Do not use this type of bra again until you know what substance to avoid.