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Your bundle of joy is born and after some time breastfeeding, you decide to stop. Your breasts, which were once perky and firm, now look like deflated balloons on your chest. Breastfeeding along with pregnancy changes a woman's breasts. Lactation makes the fatty tissue in your breasts dense and therefore your breasts may appear saggy. There is no need to let your droopy breasts get you down because there are things you can do to firm and shape up your breasts.

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Eat a healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Avoid going on a crash diet to lose any excess baby weight. Eat no less than 1,200 calories daily and avoid losing more than 2 lbs. per week. states that weight loss greater than 2 lbs. per week breaks down breast-essential elastin and collagen.

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Wear a properly-fitted bra to enhance the shape of your breasts. Have your bra size measured by a professional bra fitter since after breastfeeding and pregnancy, breasts change in size. Purchase a bra with adjustable straps and look for underwire support if you have a B-cup size or larger. Choose a padded bra if you desire to create more volume and enhance your cleavage.

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Go swimming. Swimming conditions your whole body, especially your chest muscles. Because breasts are made of fatty tissue, toning them is impossible. The next best thing is to work the pectoral muscles below the breast tissue to help shape your breasts. Training the pectoral muscles creates a firm foundation for your breasts.

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Target your pectoral muscles with exercises such as push ups, chest presses, dumbbell flyes and palm presses. Perform palm presses by sitting straight up in a chair. Bring your hands together in front of your chest. Point your fingers upward. Elevate your elbows so that they are parallel to the floor. Push your palms against each other and hold this tension for five to 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

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Bathe your breasts with cold and warm water to promote blood circulation and help shape them. Alternate between sprinkling cold and warm water on your breasts.

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Undergo breast lift or breast implant surgery. During breast lift surgery, excess tissue is removed from your breasts and the nipple is positioned higher. Breast implant surgery adds volume to your breasts so they look bigger and more shapely. You can also combine the two surgeries for lift and volume.

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