How to Make Nipples Look Larger. Many women want to make their nipples appear larger to attract attention from their mate or society in general. Breasts certainly represent an opportunity to wield power in the workplace or the bedroom, so it only stands to reason that enhancing one's nipples might be an attractive idea. A few quick steps can make your nipples look larger in minutes.

Choose a thin bra under thin clothing. If you want your nipples to look large and obvious under clothing, it only stands to reason that you'd want very little fabric hiding them. Thin satin bras or lace bras allow your nipples to protrude under your clothing. Or don't wear a bra at all.

Squeeze and pinch your nipples to give them a rosy, swollen look. Stimulation causes the nipples to harden and stick up from the body, so playing with them for a few minutes prior to sex or before going out in a thin bra can certainly give you larger looking nipples.

Chill your nipples for maximum notice. As any woman who's ever been in a cold room knows, a chill is the quickest and surest way to make your nipples look larger. Apply ice or a cool cloth to your nipples to make them stand out.

Recline to give your nipples more surface area. While it's only an illusion, laying down changes the position of your breasts and can significantly flatten the breasts and nipples, giving them a look of a larger circumference.

Consult a plastic surgeon if you want larger nipples all the time. Breast implants significantly increase the size and protrusion of nipples. By talking to a plastic surgeon you can reasonably assess the risk involved in taking a permanent step and the possible results for you on an individual basis.