How To Prepare A Client For A Facial

Today, with all the busy people in the world, sometimes it's nice to let someone else pamper us. A facial can do that for anyone. More and more men are getting facials than ever before. This article will tell you how to prepare your man for a facial. He will want you to do this at least once a week after the first time.

How to prepare someone for a facial

Gather all materials needed as described. Ask the individual to remove any and all jewelry. Allow them to go into a separate room and change into a salon gown or paper gown.

Place a towel over a pillow where you plan to do the facial in order to prevent the individual's bare shoulders from coming in contact with the pillow. After the individual has changed into the gown, help them to lie down in the position you need them in. Place a towel across their chest and then place a sheet over their body and fold down the top edge so the towel is folded over the edge of the sheet and the shoulders are exposed. Remove the individual's shoes and place the sheet over their feet and tuck in the edges.

Fasten a headband lined with tissue, a towel or another head covering over the individual's hair so no oils get in the hair. Remove any straps, if a female. Make sure the bare shoulders are exposed. Turn on some soft music. Cover the individual's eyes with cotton pads and allow the individual to relax as you now prepare yourself for the facial.