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When you're headed to a spa for a facial and massage, dressing for comfort is the name of the game. But once you arrive for your treatments, you'll likely need to disrobe. Nudity is permitted at many spas, but that doesn't mean you have to take take it all off if you're not comfortable. The type of treatment that you're receiving can help you determine what clothing might get in the way.

On Your Way

When you head to the spa for your facial and massage, wear comfortable clothing that allows for a quick and easy change. Women can opt for yoga pants or leggings and a loose-fitting T-shirt or tunic, while track pants and a tee work well for guys. Slip-on style shoes like moccasins or canvas tennis shoes are ideal footwear on your way to your treatments. When you arrive, you'll likely be given a robe and a pair of disposable flip flops.

Face Time

Facials don't require a full disrobing. You may leave your underwear on under your robe because only your face, neck and shoulders need to be accessible. Many facials feature a neck and shoulder massage, so women should either remove their bra or pull down the straps for that portion of the treatment.

A Modest Massage

For a massage, spas usually recommend removing all of your clothing. During the treatment, you will be covered with sheets or towels to preserve modesty. If you’re uncomfortable taking off all of your clothes, leave your underwear on so you can relax -- but women should remove their bras if possible to keep strap interference at bay.