Spa composition
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A day at the spa is supposed to be an escape from your daily routine, where your only focus should be on pampering and relaxation. Depending on your treatments and the spa package you purchase, you will probably get a bathrobe, towel and slippers included. Plan ahead and put together a casual outfit that's comfortable and easy to take off and fold.

What to Wear

Wear clothing that will not easily wrinkle, since your clothes are probably going to be stored in a locker all day. For example, wear a jersey maxi dress with a lightweight cardigan. Carry a big tote bag and wear flip flops; odds are a pedicure is in the cards. Avoid wearing jewelry -- you’ll have to take it off and it can get lost.

What to Bring

In your big tote bag, store a good book, a change of clothes, your favorite beauty essentials, styling products, face cloths and any other products you’ll need after your spa day is over. Since you’ll probably spend most of your day in your bathrobe, you’ll want to bring underwear that you’ll feel comfortable in. Pack a bathing suit for a soak in the hot tub or time in the sauna room.