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We must feel comfortable with our bodies in order to feel happy. When we are not confident with our appearance our entire mood suffers. Large breasts can draw unwanted attention and be a source of embarrassment to many women and men. Fortunately there are many painless ways to flatten breasts and maintain their flatness without the need for surgery. Clothing accessories are inexpensive options that provide conservative support for larger chests. Exercise and diet change and strengthen the body from the inside making the actual pectoral muscles firmer and flatter.

Wear a sports bra. Sports bras supply additional support for larger breasts during exercise or any activity involving a lot of movement. Sports bras hold the breasts in comfortably, flattening the appearance of the breasts while providing support.

Reduce fat in your diet. Breast size correlates with the percentage of fat in your entire body. Cut down on your fat intake and your breasts will reduce in size, creating a flatter appearance.

Train your chest muscles with free weights and weight training equipment using a high resistance training routine. Barbell press, dips, push-ups, decline dumbbell flies and peck butterflies isolate the pectoral muscles. Strengthen your pectoral muscles to flatten your breasts.

Bind your breasts with a chest binder. Lightweight compression garments, or chest binders, are like tank tops that flatten your breasts. They are made from material that keeps you cool and does not inhibit your breathing.