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Forget surgery and expensive push-up bras. Making your own breast padding for a bra can save you money and still give you the look of a larger breast size. You can decide how thick you would like the pads and make them any color you like to coordinate with your other undergarments. While they do not give the look of cleavage that a push-up bra might, they can still add curves in the places you want.


Measure the diameter of the cup of the bra to which you would like to add padding. If you want padding to work with the majority of your bras, choose the measurement from the smallest cup.

Find a circular shape that closely matches the measurements. Most bras are between 4 and 6 inches in cup diameter, so a small bowl or the lid from a tubular container can work well.

Place two layers of flannel on your work surface.

Trace your circular shape onto the flannel fabric. Draw as many circles as you can fit onto the fabric. You need at least four circles to make a pair of bra pads. Cut out the flannel circles.

Trace the circular shape onto the foam fabric and cut it out carefully. You need two foam circles for a pair of bra pads.

At the fabric store, you have your choice of foam thickness. Most foams range from 3 to 5 inches thick; however, an online retailer may have more specialized sizes if you think 3 inches would be too thick. You can also purchase double the width you prefer and cut it in half widthwise once you cut your individual circles.


Layer the cut pieces in the following manner: flannel, foam and flannel. If you want extra softness, add another layer or two of flannel.

Pin the layers.

Sew a straight edge around the pinned fabric, about 1/8 inches from the edge.

Sew a zigzag edge around the layers on top of your straight stitch. You can also use a serger to create a finished look on your bra pads.

Repeat with the other pad and trim the edges.


If you are lactating and looking for a nursing pad that can also double as a bra pad, do not use foam. If you leak, the milk could get caught in the foam and be hard to wash out. In addition, the foam could irritate your nipples. Instead, use a waterproof fabric, such as fleece or polyurethane laminate to prevent leaks.