How to Make Dirty Hair Look Clean

By LeafTV Editor

Sometimes there just isn't enough time to wash, dry and style your hair. That doesn't mean that you're stuck with greasy, flat hair for the rest of the day though. Here are a few tricks to make that dirty hair look fresh again so that you get away from the mirror and back into your day.

Young woman in striped t-shirt and with curly hair look
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How To Make Dirty Hair Look Clean


Brush your hair to distribute the oil away from your dirty roots if it's straight. If you have curly hair, skip this part.

Apply baby powder, cornstarch, or dry shampoo powder to your hair, focusing on the roots, hairline, and front third of your scalp up to the crown of your head.

Grab the round brush and use it to distribute the powder into the roots and pull your hair straight up and away from your face in sections. This will add volume back to your style. If you have curly hair, just get the roots with the round brush.

Use the styling cream sparingly and only on the ends of your hair to make it look more like your roots if you have coarse, thick, or frizzy hair. Having a uniform texture will make the hair appear fresher. If you have fine or thin hair, apply volumizer to your hair but don't use too much or it'll make your hair look filmy. If you have curly hair, re-wet your ends and add your favorite spray gel and scrunch or air dry.

Blow dry your hair briefly on low heat to speed things up. Use a few velcro rollers on straight hair if you have them.

Find some hair ties, clips or barrettes. Don't pull hair straight back or do an updo that is too tight because the dirty roots will quickly become more noticeable again. Go for a hairstyle that is loose but out of your face, like a headband, loose high ponytail, or just pin a few pieces away from your forehead with bobby pins. If it's really bad, do all of the above. Nix the hairspray and voila-hair crisis averted.


  • Invest in some pretty headbands and scarves for future dirty hair days, as the headband is generally the best way to mask dirty hair.