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Crimped hair can be a great look. If you want to show off your flirty, sassy side, then crimping your hair might be just the way to do it. However, you don’t want those perfect little crimps to start falling out halfway through your night on the town. When you take your time and crimp your hair the right way, they can stay in, until you decide to wash them out; which means you can enjoy your fabulous hairdo all night long.

Turn on your crimping iron and set it to the hottest setting. Don’t use it until it’s completely warmed up for the most long-lasting crimps.

Spray all of your hair with a thickening spray. To distribute it evenly, flip your head upside down and spray the underside, too. This is especially important if you have thick hair.

Pick up a two inch wide section of your hair. The piece should be thin, not thick, to make sure the crimp takes.

Continue moving downward over the section you’re holding, until you have crimped it from top to bottom. Move onto the next section and continue.

Spray your hair with liquid hairspray, once it is all completely crimped. Again, flip your head over and spray the underside, too. This will help those crimps stay perfectly in place.