The punk

Mohawks used to be the ultimate symbol of rebellion, especially for fans of punk rock music. Nowadays in places like California, mohawks are common among children as young as six years old. Although they seem faddish, mohawks are low maintenance haircuts that are popular with kids. Here's how to cut the perfect mohawk.

Use scissors and a comb to cut any hair off that is below the ears. Don't worry about making a perfect cut; it's all coming off soon enough. Just get rid of all the excess hair below the ears and on the forehead.

Shave the sides of your head up to above your temple, starting with the 1/2-inch clipper guard. Start with the sides so that you can properly guage what you'll need to shave off the top. Work your way down on your sides until you are down to a 1/8-inch guard.

Shave your head using the 1/2-inch guard from the back to the front, alternating sides. Leave at least a 1 1/2-inch strip of hair down the middle. It is best to start from the back of your head near your ear and switch sides. As you change guards to get rid of more and more hair, you will start to see the beginnings of your mohawk stripe. If you don't have a friend to shave the back of your head, hold a small hand mirror and turn your back to the big mirror. This takes practice, so go slow. Keep shaving until you are down to the 1/8-inch guard.

Take the guard off the clipper and start shaving the sides and all the areas of your head except your mohawk strip of hair. You should have virtually no hair anywhere except for strip.

Decide the shape and style of your mohawk strip. Are you going with spikes? Or a flat, thin line? Either way, it's time to clean the area. Whenever you decide how high you want your mohawk, use the clippers and guard to shave off excess hair from the top. Then use the pen shaver and shave the sides of your mohawk to the desired width.

Apply shaving cream to all other areas and shave with the straight razor. When you are done, your head will be completely bald with the exception of the all-important mohawk. Maintain it by using no-guard clippers on the bald areas at least once a week.