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Everyone knows that a good man takes care of himself. Think of the money that you can save learning to cut your own hair rather than going to a barber to perform this simple procedure. If you have to purchase clippers and hair scissors, the cost will be offset by the amount saved by avoiding the barber every time you need a trim.

The Clipper Cut

Wash your hair with shampoo and then condition it so that it is soft. Use a comb to detangle any knots that remain following conditioning. Put a tarp or towel down on the bathroom floor underneath where you plan to cut your hair.

Select the correct size of blade guard for the hair length that you desire and attach it to your clippers. Turn the clippers on. While watching yourself in the mirror, start cutting your hair above one of your ears by holding the clippers in an upward fashion and dipping them in above the ear. Push the clippers up toward the crown of your head, stopping where the top of your head meets the side of your head.

Repeat this pattern all around your head except above your face multiple times until all of the hair underneath the top of your head is the same length. View the back of your head while cutting your hair in the mirror using a hand-held mirror or an adjustable pivot mirror attached to the wall next to your bathroom counter top.

Cut the rest of the hair on the top of your head using a different-sized guard if you desire longer hair on the crown of your head. The same guard can be used if you desire all of your hair to be the same length. Push the clippers from the side of your head all the way to the crown. Continue this all the way around your head several times until all of the hair is the same length.

Different Lengths

Follow the same procedure described in Section 1, but stop using the clippers before cutting any hair growing from the crown of your head.

Cut your bangs by combing all of your hair backward and then parting the hair above your hairline sideways 2 inches up. Comb your bangs forward and trim them to your desired length with the hair scissors. You can cut directly across or layer it by pinching it and cutting the ends at a backward angle, toward the crown. To add volume, cut zigzags, or wedges, into the edges. Be careful and go slowly, as your bangs are what you will base the rest of your hair length on.

Wet the remaining uncut hair on the top of your head and comb it backward; then part it down the middle. Part a 2 inch thick section of your hair on one side of your head away from the rest of your hair with the comb. Pinch it between your pointer and middle finger and pull it away from your head. Trim it to the length and texture of your bangs with your scissors.

Continue the process described in Step 3 all the way around your head. Use the pivot mirror to view the back of your head while trimming. When finished, remove the guard from the clippers or use a beard trimmer without the guard on to clean up the edges -- neck and sideburns -- of your newly trimmed head of hair. When finished, clean the bathroom of hair. Wash your hair, dry it and then comb it to view your new haircut.